K. Begain, M.Ermel, T. Mueller, J. Schueller, M. Schweigel:
"Performance of Internet Traffic over GPRS",
8th IFIP Workshop on Performance and Evaluation of ATM & IP Networks, Ilkley, UK, July 16-20, 2000


The demand for more packet switched services in wireless networks is increasing rapidly. The third generation wireless networks will be based on packet switching and aim to provide high bit rates. In the meanwhile, the introduction of GPRS services in existing GSM networks by mobile network providers gives an opportunity of providing data services at low bit rates. As in xed networks, Internet traffic is expected to increase dramatically as soon as this service is available. The impact of this traffic on the traditional voice service and on the data services is of great interest for network operators. The goal of this paper is to study the possible implications of the growth of the amount of Internet traffic on other services in the network. An analytical call/burst level model of one cell of a homogeneous multiservice GSM/GPRS network is used to investigate the in uence of Internet traffic volume and characteristics on important performance measures like new and handover blocking probabilities, system utilization and mean data rates of the services. Numerical results show, that by using efficient call admission and complete sharing of capacity with higher priority tovoice service, the increase of Internet traffic volume will not in uence the blocking probability of voice calls, will decrease the average bit rates of Internet bursts and will increase the utilization of the network.